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Fat Emperor Special – Cardiologist Bruce Brundage and the Power of #CAC

Fat Emperor interviews the Cardiology ‘Father of Calcium Scanning’ – Bruce Brundage MD. This man was pivotal in recognising the power of the CT Scan of the Heart, working closely with the Physicist inventor of this amazing technology (Doug Boyd PhD). They were trailblazers, driving a wonderful invention way back in the 1970’s. An invention that to this very day has no parallel for exposing heart disease in the human body. Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Or that 52% of ‘Framingham Middle Risk’ people are reclassified after a CAC – into LOW or HIGH risk groups? Or that people with a yearly rising CAC score – have 17.2 TIMES the heart attack rate compared to those with stable CAC? That’s right – the Calcium Scan is cheap, fast and unparalleled.

Think about that – 40 years have passed, and the technology Bruce and Doug fostered has not been bettered. But economics and chicanery have kept it low – with a huge price to pay. What’s more, the CAC is finally in the 2013 European and American Cardiology guidelines – it is now recommended for ‘middle risk’ people. The largest group – where MOST heart attacks occur. But the majority of doctors have no idea about this. Well lat’s start fixing that unacceptable situation. To find out more go to for great resources. And watch ‘The Widowmaker Movie’ (2015) with Gillian Anderson and Larry King. Millions of lives over the past 30 years have been lost due to ignorance and profiteering. Lives that could have been saved. If short on time, go to the 20 minute point of the interview, where things heat up…!

For more on heart disease root causes, and the power of CAC, go to:



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