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A Passion to Save Lives: David Bobbett speaks to the people. Inspiring !

“This is not a percentage game – death is an individual game.” – David Bobbett, entrepreneur and business leader.

What would you do if presented with a devastating diagnosis? A diagnosis revealed with a powerful test, a test that can clearly identify the world’s biggest killer – raging in your body? Finally, what would you do when you discover that this test has been available for 30 years, and could save millions of lives – but no-one really knows about it? Welcome to the world of Calcium Scanning and the CAC Score. Suppressed and underused for decades based on politics/economics, and millions of people lost.

This is David Bobbett’s inspiring story, delivered with an rare passion to save people from premature cardiac death. He has dedicated his life to saving others. Hear his story. And I certainly don’t always ask this but….please share like hell ! Also please for more compelling content – always for free…

01:15David’s Intro
02:50David’s Inspirational Story
18:21Ivor reads two sample letters from the Saved
22:26David’s closing comments – and an entreaty to the people !

Recorded at the May 2016 Dublin Cardiovascular Event, DCU.

David’s background story here:

The movie: and see the excellent movie at the following link, for a dollar or so:


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