A MUST-WATCH: The Big Fat Fix movie is nearly here !

Following the first two excellent Cereal Killers movies, we are about to see the big enchilada. Number three from Donal O’Neill will be very special – and not just because Aseem Malhotra is the leading man !

The Big Fat Fix will explore the real root causes of heart disease. And yes, your dietary choices will play a BIG role – in deciding who goes down with the big one.

A certain member of petty (adipose?) royalty happens to be an associate producer of this fine production – and will be attending the premieres in London and New York. Of course I’ll report back on the shenanigans that Donal and Aseem get up to there…

Click below to see details – and get to watch the Cereal Killers 2 movie for free !

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Note: Go to www.IHDA.ie – for the hard facts on cardiovascular disease identification !

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