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Dr David Unwin – at The Big Fat Fix premiere event London :-)

I finally got to meet Dr. David Unwin – and in the Houses of Parliament, no less! Don’t forget to download and watch the just-premiered movie here – not only super entertainment, it’llclarify a lot of what Dr. Unwin is fighting for: 

For those of you who don’t know, David has been pioneering the use of dietary interventions to treat/reverse diabetes and obesity in recent years. He is a key member of Sam Feltham’s Public Health Collaboration ( ). These intrepid doctors and scientists are championing science-based food guidelines for the UK – and not a moment too late.
I have long admired David’s work – especially as he explored the crucial nature of Liver biomarkers in tracking chronic disease risk. That’s where I started my journey of discovery too!

He is also a rare gem in that he identified the liver enzyme GGT as a key marker for carb-induced fatty liver dysfunction (gamma glutamyl transferase). You may have heard me going on about GGT many times in the past! Most doctors only view GGT in the context of excessive alcohol intake. Big mistake. Rather it is an excellent marker for carb-sugar-induced liver dysfunction. (see also ). GGT is thus an excellent marker for overall mortality risk. It, like many other genuinely key biomarkers, makes a farce of the ‘cholesterol capers’. In our brief interview here, David talks about the patient experiences that led him on his journey of discovery (one of his published papers: 2015 David Unwin – A Pilot Study Carbohydrate GGT HbA1c )

Go Dr. Unwin!

Note: go to – for the hard facts on cardiovascular disease identification !

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