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RD Dikeman and Fat Emperor wonder at the Type 1 Diabetes Disgrace…

Shocking content and powerful delivery in RD Dikeman’s talk at Low Carb USA San Diego last week. Myself and Dr. Jeff snagged him to talk a little on it. RD set up and leads the fantastic TYPEONEGRIT facebook group, and also produced many video discussions with the great Dr. Bernstein. More details of the superb conference are at Get with the low carb revolution…especially for Type 1 Diabetics ! 🙂

Camera and Sound setup: Dr. Jeffry Gerber

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Here’s just a tiny taste of the excellent talk he gave on Type 1 and the imperative for LCHF:

A recent comment from RD on this post – the tragedy continues, all over the world –  – just look at those terrifying blood glucose swings (from ~50mg/dL to ~350mg/dL) :

“Just saw this in my feed. So sad”

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