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Repeat after me: Calcification Score blows away ‘Risk Factors’. Always.

The title says it all – and this study outcome chart. Remember this is all-cause mortality. Not just the cardiac stuff. This is life or death peeps. (RF=’Risk Factor’ – whether you have none, 1, 2 or 3+ of these, calcium will decide whether they matter):

Here’s another view:

Here’s yet another study outcome below. There’s loads of these available to those who want to look. And they all say the same thing. So how the hell is CAC not used everywhere? I guess they must prefer the muddy statistical noise of their precious ‘risk factors’. I guess they must like playing ‘risk factor bingo’ – with patients lives. Calcium isn’t a ‘risk factor’ – it sees the disease process itself:

So do you wanna play ‘risk factor bingo’ ?? Be my guest. But you’d better know how to triangulate all those RF’s in a seriously expert fashion – engineering-style. And only a tiny number of people can do that. For everyone else there’s CAC.

And what if you don’t get a zero CAC score, and are facing a premature visit from the reaper? Don’t sweat it – take some action instead. Hit the root causes and you’ll likely be ok again. And remember, we ain’t just talking heart disease that you’ll be averting. We’re talking ALL-CAUSE stuff (well, except automobile accidents and the like). You’ll be averting Cancer. Diabetes. Alzheimer’s. And the rest. Here’s a primer:

Get with the program.

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