Dr. Michael Eades and Fat Emperor Part 2 – talking Calcium Scanning & Diabesity #LCHF

Part 2 of my chat with Dr. Mike Eades at Low Carb USA San Diego. Mike decoded the carbohydrate mess way, way back – and is always willing to help anyone with his immense knowledge. In part two, we discuss the power of the Calcium Scan – and the prophetic CAC Score. Also, we muse on causes for our totally insane Diabesity epidemic. Share to help others see the light…note that Calcium Scanning has no equal – see here:  http://www.thefatemperor.com/blog/2016/8/10/repeat-after-me-calcification-score-blows-away-risk-factors-always

Camera and Sound setup: Dr. Jeffry Gerber www.denversdietdoctor.com

Supported by www.IHDA.ie

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Part 1 below:

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