Dr. Jason Fung and Fat Emperor – ‘The Fad of Fasting’ – Part 1

Dr. Jason Fung gave another great talk at Low Carb USA San Diego. Got to catch up for a chat on camera too. Jason is trying to resurrect for us the superb practice of fasting – the benefits of which have been recognised by ALL of the world’s religions for millennia. And rightly so – for metabolic health, neurological health, and to stave off many forms of disease – fasting is one of the best things you can…’indulge in’. I do it all the time – to keep an edge! Here in part one, he introduces the basics. Share this to help counteract our ridiculous ‘feed every three hours’ corporate culture…!

Camera and Sound setup: Dr. Jeffry Gerber www.denversdietdoctor.com

Supported by www.IHDA.ie

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Part two below:

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