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#LDL Cholesterol – A Nastily Misleading ‘Risk Factor’ #LCHF

Well here we go again – deja vu. Just looking up some stuff on Free Fatty Acids this evening and came across this paper. These guys made the old mistake of measuring LDL in (a) healthy people, (b) Diabetics and (c) Acute Myocardial Infarction victims. Note that for all groups, patients on lipid-lowering drugs were excluded (i.e. this is a proper study, not confounded with meds). And so we get a glimpse of the fat, sweaty Cholesterol Emperor again. Such careless researchers, to let the cat out of the bag like this! Have a look at what did matter between the different types of people (with LDL at top middle, irrelevant as usual):

And below in tabular form – Red boxes show relevant stuff, while the dashed box shows the junk-science distraction-factor….of the industry darling, LDLc:

But did they call out the LDL irrelevancy in their conclusion, and ask some salient scientific questions? No, of course they didn’t. Because you’re not allowed to question the LDL dogma, or it’s bye-bye to your future funding. That’s why we’ve had to endure the LDLc distraction for decades. And these guys did worse than ignore the obvious LDL question in their conclusion piece. Just look at their actual comments on LDL – what a deceitful joke:

The paper below….

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