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Want to know if Type 2 Diabetes is in your future? Ok then.

Interesting paper this afternoon on Patterns of Insulin response during an OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test). These guys are using slightly different criteria than Kraft. Of course it’s a disgrace that they don’t reference Kraft (for whatever reason). They followed the 400 non-diabetic peeps for 10-11 years to see how the patterns predicted who would go down. Here’s the incidence rate that occurred for the different patterns seen up front. Bottom line: a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes should never come as a surprise (my graphics added):

Of course the bad patterns didn’t as such predict diabetes. THEY ALREADY WERE DIABETES. Kraft was correct. Diabetes is diagnosed disgracefully late. There is no such thing as ‘pre-diabetes’. With the Kraft test you are either diabetic or not – decades before you are finally diagnosed with the rubbishy glucose metrics. And millions of the diabetics will die of heart attacks…without ever getting their diabetes diagnosis. Just as Kraft asserted. What an absolute tragedy – the ADA should be utterly ashamed of themselves. If you want to know how it works, you won’t do better than this video interview with the great man himself:

How did Kraft kill this nasty hyperinsulinemia/diabetes response? Well, he just applied LCHF – all the way back in 1972 !! Dr. Joseph R Kraft – a hero without the recognition…

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Oh, and the paper I mentioned is below:

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