Fat Emperor turns up on Christopher Kelly’s KETO SUMMIT – enjoy !

Had a great chat with Christopher on his excellent Keto Summit – free registration to watch within next 36 hours at http://ketosummit.com/ ! Click on image below to watch… 🙂

Link here also http://ketosummit.com/launch-day-6

Below links to the full summit with many superb speakers and great science – also some other great products that Christopher has produced for minimal price…

Keto Summit Opt-in / Registration:   https://mz164.isrefer.com/go/ketosummit/TheFatEmperor/

Keto Summit – Cancer (Seyfried Video):   https://mz164.isrefer.com/go/cancer-seyfried/TheFatEmperor/

30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes: https://mz164.isrefer.com/go/paleo-dessert-recipe/TheFatEmperor/

Essential Keto Cookbook: https://mz164.isrefer.com/go/ekc/TheFatEmperor/

Essential Paleo Cookbook:   https://mz164.isrefer.com/go/epc/TheFatEmperor/


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