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The Widowmaker – full movie now available to all via Fat Emperor :-)

Ok so we can finally make this available more widely, for a nominal sum – around a dollar to remain legitimate – PLEASE SHARE this important work so that others may benefit 🙂

It reveals the subterfuge and shenanigans around the world’s most powerful diagnostic scan. It will predict heart disease events with eerie accuracy, and allow you to avoid them. It will also predict all-cause mortality with similar power – and you can avoid that too, within limits of course 🙂 Note that the movie does not get deep into the root-cause fixes – you need to follow the science for those (see my video below the movie link to get the basics).

“The Widowmaker” has won the coveted Mass Impact Award at the 2014 Boston Film Festival ( ).  It has also achieved excellent scores on Rotten Tomatoes, Ebert & Ebert and other top Movie Review sites (e.g. )

Here it is – click on image below to access – and subscribe at for more great content:

Want a quick look at how much more powerful CAC Score is, when compared to looking at the ineffective “Risk Factors” they currently use? Well the below study shows the reality – risk factors are for people who don’t really care about you:

What to take care of if you get a high CAC score? The following shows what David deployed – to successfully stop his disease progression! (David Bobbett is the movie’s funder, shown with the ~1000 CAC score at end of movie…)

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