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The times they are a changin’ – #GLUCOSE #SPIKE Awareness !!!

Well here’s a must-watch. No proper discussion of #insulin, hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance – but significant progress towards root-cause nonetheless. Of course hyperinsulinemia underpins the whole shootin’ match, but we need to wait for everyone to catch up with that. Also they are dangerously obfuscating with their “too thin” warning – being thin is perfectly healthy on a low-carb diet, as you become a superb fat-burner. But lacking bodyfat on a high-carb diet can be dangerous indeed. The nuances matter – they matter a LOT.  Also very misleading is the guy around 35min – he had meat and fish as a major portion of his calories compared to the rice – but of course they have to give credit to vegetables before the other. Not that this is untrue – but should not be the first thing mentioned ideally. And why did he need the rice at all – it is after all just GLUCOSE in the first place! Right. Also, the skipping breakfast data is misleading too – because the experiments were conducted using high-carb SUGAR-BURNER guys. Pity no-one can pull it all together properly. But watch this space…


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