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FIT-CEO Conference in Ireland on 30th Nov – still time to sign up! #performance

Just returning from Low Carb Universe Mallorca today, and time to gear up for the next event. This next one is being led by Jim Kirwan and will have a focus on strategic well-being and personal performance in your career and life. I will be covering the core science which enables longevity and vitality, while the other excellent speakers will cover a range of crucial enablers for your performance and productivity.

Most of the people seeing this post will be from outside Ireland – so make sure to send this link to your people “back in the old country”!

As a bonus, anyone who signs up to the conference will get a signed copy of myself and Dr. Gerber’s new book when it launches in the US (early February 2018). This has been three years in the writing, and will have all the science and strategies you need for health and longevity. It is backed up by Dr. Gerber’s decades of success in his family medicine practice, and has nearly 400 citations and references for those who wish to research further:

So if you’re in Ireland and want to propel your performance…what are you waiting for?

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