The Widowmaker Movie – It could Save Your Life ! #LCHF

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The Widowmaker Movie fascinatingly reveals how big business puts money ahead of saving lives. But you don’t need to be fooled by the shenanigans of the money-grubbers. Find out about the supreme technology to reveal true extent of heart disease in your body – and take action before it’s too late….!

Teaser of this riveting docudrama below:  

And the 1-Hour version of the movie itself is below – sit back with your device (big screen preferably) – and click image!


Note that to deal with a high score and prevent an event, there may be many resolution steps to take. The high level main ones are presented in the following segment:

For full details and all the tricks, pick up a copy of Eat Rich Live Long:

…and don’t forget to subscribe for free at: !

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