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Promotion: Free Viewing of The Widowmaker Movie this Weekend ! #CAC #Longevity

Want to sit back and watch a fascinating movie, which exposes the corruption and deceit that robbed the world of the most powerful diagnostic scan to prevent heart attacks from happening? Grab the popcorn and see Gillian Anderson, Larry King and a host of eminent cardiologists reveal the riveting story of intrigue and big business influence which undermined us all.

Watch this movie…it could save your life. Free this weekend in glorious HD with the production values that cost millions of dollars to deliver. Note that you have to create a free vimeo account as part of the process – no big deal. Simply click the image below:

Note: the movie covers a lot, but can’t cover the crucial nutritional solutions to the problem of a high CAC score. Take action immediately using the following guide for starters:

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