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Fat Emperor at FIT-CEO Conference Dublin – Setting the Record Straight ;-)

My latest keynote talk, this time at the FIT-CEO corporate health and productivity conference at Davy Stockbrokers headquarters, Dawson Street Dublin. Conference organizer and leader was Jim Kirwan, with MC Emily Lane and facilitator Doug Gordon. 
I address material that will be familiar to many, but also cover some new stories of health regained through leveraging the science. Thanks to Remi at for the video footage; sound, editing and production was by yours truly 🙂
00:00:09 Funny Video, my story, GGT and Ferritin importance versus “cholesterol”
00:09:18 The Insulin Resistance Syndrome – and fixing it
00:13:40 The reason WHY we’ve been fooled for decades
00:22:45 The Real Problem – what drives obesity and chronic disease
00:28:10 The Solutions – with some success stories !

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