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Look who just showed up on – Cholesterol Vs True Root Causes!

Click on pic below for the post. Insulin ain’t everything, as I clearly point out in my talk. But most “cholesterol” or “dyslipidemia” problems are only a manifestation of insulin/glucose dysregulation. There are many other causal agents for heart disease too – it is of course multifactorial. But running after cholesterol is a rather silly strategy. Do as an informed engineer would do – focus on the primary drivers !

Myself and Dr. Jeffry Gerber ( will have a book coming out late in 2017 with this and much more analysis of how to live long – and with healthy vitality to the end!

And if you want to know your extent of heart disease, before tackling the causes? You can watch the referenced “The Widowmaker Movie” at this link – to understand the history and power of the calcification score (CAC). This can be got from a simple 5-minute scan which is grossly underused at present:

But on to the Mercola post – click image below… 🙂

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