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KRAFT on Hyperinsulinemia, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis

Final part 3 of my Aug 2016 conversation with Dr. Kraft. Father of the Insulin Assay, and one of the most under-recognised greats of medicine and science. Here at aged 95 he covers Pathology, Hyperinsulinemia, Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis and other related topics. He has personally conducted over 3,000 autopsies with a particular focus on the heart. He has also conducted around 15,000 Glucose Tolerance with Insulin Assays. He has also done the academic research into diabetes and heart disease. Joe’s bio here:
He has walked the walk. Here he explains how it all fits together.

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See the full 2015 interview where Dr. Kraft details extensively how hyperinsulinemia/diabetes is the primary driver of atherosclerosis and heart attacks in the world – near single-handedly wielding the sword:

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