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Dr. Joseph Kraft passed away today – Rest in Peace.

I have just heard the sad news that Joe passed away today at 95.

His level of achievement was huge, though disgracefully under-recognized. He was a pioneer in understanding how to avert the looming iceberg of diabetes, discovering the earliest laboratory diagnosis for the disease in the 1970’s. He tried to warn the world – but the world would not listen. We are now seeing his prophecy come true. He was a great inspiration to myself and Dr. Jeff Gerber since we discovered his work and interviewed him in 2015. It was a great day for us, and we got to meet up there with another insulin expert who truly appreciated Kraft’s work – Dr. Ted Naiman.

Rest in peace Joe. Your work will continue to be spread around the world. Sincerest condolences to Kevin and Joe’s extended family. They should all be extremely proud of what he has achieved.

“Plenus annis abiit, plenus honoribus”

For myself, I will always remember Joe, just as he was in our last meeting:

The full interview covering Joe’s work is below, recorded in Chicago in the summer of 2015 

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