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Excellent Metabolic Science Podcasts from Gabor Erdosi and Raphi Sirt #Diabetes

UPDATE 18th Feb: Episode 3 released today – get the others below first, but here it is !

Introduction: Gabor Erdosi has a masters in molecular biology. Raphi Sirt is also a biochemistry graduate. Importantly, they are expert problem-solvers, with engineering brains. They can decode the complexity – and get to the inner workings of the human machine: Diabetes. Fatty Acid and Glucose metabolism. Insulin Resistance and Hyperinsulinemia. And the rest.

Warning: these podcasts are superb discussions, each centring on a particular scientific study of great interest. But in fairness they are not really intended for the layperson. However, they are excellent for the more biochemically-versed individuals – who wish to understand how it REALLY works ! Chat to them by joining the Lower Insulin Facebook group:

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Please access these excellent podcasts at:


If any issues the first podcast, focussing on this paper:

The follow-on podcast, focussing on this paper:

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