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Dr Jeffry Introduces Dr. Junesang Yang (Low Carb Hero) from Korea !

Dr. Jeffry Gerber finally gets to meet his family doctor colleague and friend Dr. Junesang Yang. June has single-handedly brought #LCHF to south Korea by translating Robert Lustig MD’s YouTube lecture and Nina Teicholz’s book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet into Korean.

Dr. Yang has appeared on national television documentaries featuring low carb. What he calls his ‘rogue’ research has now brought low carb to tens of thousands within his country! Keep up the great work Dr. Yang 🙂

A subsequent more detailed commentary from June below:

Hello everyone
I am June Yang
A family medicine doctor in Korea
Thank you for an opportunity to speak Dr Jeffrey Gerber
It was the first time speech in English after graduation. I was too nervous.
What I wanted to say was as follows :

Actually I am not good at English. But I hope to communicate with you.
Because I can communicate with Japanese people though I can barely speak Japanese.
Let me talk about my story.
When I was in my medical residency,
One of my friend who was very smart and very muscular told me that whenever you don’t eat foods your body is being destroyed. You may want to eat just after awakening in the morning and just before going to bed.
I think you have heard this wrong nutritional knowledge.
Then I started eating all the time.
Korean people have eaten so much more than other people in the history of far east.
They ate so much whenever there is food.
I was able to eat so much quantity.
I got bigger and bigger with the fatty liver disease.
My blood triglycerides had been above 200 for many years. My liver enzyme ALT went up over 50.
In 2013, I knew that the saturated fat is not bad through the
I started to eat low carb high fat with intermittent fasting. Actually, I had been skipping breakfast for previous 2 years, but it was not sufficient.
I lost 7kgs in 2 weeks.
My triglycerides went down below 100 immediately.
My irregular heart beat from which I suffered for years was gone.
I talked about low carb high fat to other doctors. You can imagine their responses.
It was cold and indifferent.
I was frustrated and stopped talking.
Instead, I have studied all alone. I analyzed korean national health and nutrition examination survey. And I found that the women who eat more fat are healthier than less fat eaters. I uploaded my findings on my blog. Last year somebody published similar findings on a medical journal.
On the other hand, I translated Robert Lustig’s lecture at UCSF which recorded more than 7 million views in youtube. People can read his lecture in korean language on my blog. I am a translator who can barely speak english.
And, I have been blogging about Proper nutrition.
In august 2014, the big fat surprise written by Nina Teicholz was published in the united states. As soon as I read that book, I decided to tranlate it into korean language. It was published April 2016.
Finally, people got interested in my efforts.
There are more than ten thousand followers in my Instagram. They are giving me many ideas.
Now I believe tens of thousand people in korea are living on a low carb high fat diet.
Many people have been improved or cured from obesity, diabetes and other illnesses in the short period of time.

Korea has carnivore tradition.
Bone broth is widely popular food. There are so many kinds of bone broths in korea.
Sometimes korean People eat even cartilage, bowels, lung, heart, liver and kidney.
There is a good enviroment for low carb high fat diet.
I watched the lectures from the lchf convention in South Africa 2015 again and again.
I read books written by Jason Fung, Stephen Phinney and Tim Noakes.
I Thank so much to you Low carb people here.

Last year, 6 medical and nutition academies in Korea simultaneously announced the statement against low carb high fat diet. They quoted Ancel Keys.

Recently I analyzed korea national health and nutritional survey data.
I decided to publish on a medical journal with Jeffry Gerber
Because I was inspired by him, Thank you again Dr. Jeffrey Gerber.

I am in honor of being here wih my heroes, now.
I hope to communicate with you continuously in the future. Thank you so much.

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