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Cardiovascular Discussion – and Debate – in London October 2017 #LCHF

A most interesting and prestigious event will be taking place in London later in the year. It is being run by the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR). Welcome will be cardiologists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and even knowledgeable members of the public. Link below:

Interestingly, a debate has also been mooted, relating to some element of cardiovascular or obesity treatment controversy.

The “Pro” side will have representation from the UK’s medical establishment. And it appears that the “Con” side has also been chosen I believe. This person would want to be sure of the science, if going against the accepted orthodox approach. That would be a minimum requirement, wouldn’t it?

I wonder who this person might be?

The 2017 conference sessions will include many fantastic speakers, some of whom will be familiar to many LCHF people across the world:

·         Dr Aseem Malhotra: Choosing Wisely

·         Dr David Unwin: Revolutionizing Diabetes Care

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