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Gallup Strengthsfinder – A seminar to help you identify your strengths ;-)

And now for something completely different. It’s true that #LCHF, fasting and good nutrition will enhance your overall and indeed career performance. But there are other tools too. If you are interested in maximizing your personal strengths, here’s a seminar I gave recently on the topic. Gallup Strengthsfinder is a powerful tool. You can take the survey and access some excellent analysis at:
Over 15 million people have taken part. I highly recommend it for personal self-awareness – and career optimization !
Note 1: I have no connection to Gallup, and no financial interest in this matter. I may however be available to give similar seminars, if the incentive was appropriate…  🙂  Note 2: The sound is poor for the audience inputs – didn’t have a dedicated mic… 🙁

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