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The RCT’s said PUFA was NOT better than SAT Fat. And so they buried the results…

Polyunsaturated oils lower your “cholesterol” – true. And this supposedly should lower your heart disease and death rate? Oops – false. Rather embarrassing for the defenders of the risible Diet-Heart Hypothesis.

And the early Randomized Control Trials (RCT’s) that showed up this sweaty naked “cholesterol” emperor for what he really was? They disproved the rsilly hypothesis. So they had to bury the results, didn’t they. How naughty – even before they could think up a reason for the failure. Lies of omission, lots of them.

The morons of course then retreated into the grossly misleading epidemiological junk-science. We’ve seen mountains of this stinking manure, desperately propping up a rubbish hypothesis. These nefarious efforts have doomed the population to continued ingestion of the revolting seed-oils. Have they no shame? Have a read of this 2016 article here, which summarizes the debacle (click the image below for paper): 

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Oh, and below is the master Masterjohn on the topic:

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