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The Empire Strikes Back. Low-Carb & Keto Attacked by…Advertising People?

I received a most excellent cook book from my friend Patricia Daly last year “The Ketogenic Kitchen”. It had delicious and nutritious low-carb recipes by the dozen. It also gave a very good overview of the emerging science behind low carb / keto as a healthy and highly nutrient-dense lifestyle. Probably even more so for people suffering from afflictions such as cancer. Low carb would make a lot of sense here – for example see this clip from head of cancer research facility Sloane Kettering Memorial:

So what’s the problem? Well apparently some are not happy with sharing scientific progress in interesting new areas. And an advertising agency is taking upon itself the significant task of decoding complex metabolic science. Have a look at this latest shenanigans and judge for yourself – link below:

For a good overview of keto and cancer from real experts, see my interviews with Dominic D’Agostino PhD and Angela Poff PhD below – very balanced I thought:

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