Denver’s Diet Doctor gets published – #Insulin and #CRP Revelations !

Well lookie here, what have we got? Looks like the inflammatory marker of CRP is intimately related to elevated Insulin. Can’t say I’m surprised – but super job to Dr. June S Yang and Dr. Jeffry Gerber to extract the reality from the data. But what about the amazing LDL? Surely it too correlated with CRP? Given the enormous focus on LDL for several decades?

Eh, no. As usual when you look closely…LDL sneaks away in shame.

This is a very well-written and accessible paper, with very significant implications indeed. Please share it far and wide ! Link to full paper below:


Fasting Insulin and CRP below – impressive OR’s :

LDL and CRP below – big fat nothing :

And of course Trig/HDL and CRP below – impressive OR’s again:

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