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Diabetes Unpacked – support The Noakes Foundation and help all with #Diabetes

Jeff and I had the privilege of writing a chapter for the new book on diabetes from the Noakes Foundation. It is packed with valuable information on the science of diabetes – our modern health epidemic. Most importantly it elucidates on how this epidemic can be halted through understanding its root causes. Appropriately it is dedicated to all diabetics – those who have suffered through the bad science of the past decades. The bad, bad science which underpins their condition.

The book is available at – all proceeds go to The Noakes Foundation. Please show your support for the hundreds of millions of diabetics in our world today – and buy a copy to help save them from quasi-exploitation.

Dr. Gerber has finally made it to Ireland and sits here on my deck in Dublin – “warming his arse” as we say… 🙂

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