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Just back from #PHCManc2017. Time to progress #PHCIreland…!

Jason, Jeff and I had a fantastic weekend at the conference in Manchester. We enjoyed giving our talks, but more importantly mixing with so many exceptional and dedicated people. The event was packed with nutritionally-astute GP’s. It was really quite extraordinary – and has the makings of a revolution:

Something’s also been brewing in the auld emerald isle. You guessed it – the embryonic is in gestation. We suspect that a Canadian entity will be coming to term by 2018… 😉

We had the honour of hosting Dr. Jason Fung, his wife Mina and Dr. Jeff Gerber on Tuesday night (in Shanahan’s on the Green). See Jason’s fantastic resource at

 David Bobbett and brought us all together for an excellent discussion. Strategy will be imperative in tackling our epidemic of chronic disease – there are so many headwinds. The use of excellent diagnostic technology like the CAC scan will also be required, to identify those with severe but hidden disease. The latter folks will require well-formulated #LCHF as a minimum intervention.

Thanks to Dr. Gearoid O’Laoi for the photos:

We will start off with just MD’s and consultants until we are ready to expand. The structure will be extended in late 2017 / early 2018. In the initial grouping we have some seasoned #LCHF GP’s and surgeons, a pathologist and a psychiatrist. This is the first time we have all met in one place. The group will grow. In the past day or two we have been approached by a highly experienced #LCHF endocrinologist – and a hugely accomplished vascular surgeon. We expect many more from the medical community to come forth.

We will defer to the excellent leadership of Sam Feltham and the PHCUK organisation. But we will create an affiliate in Ireland to focus the effort that will be required. Recruitment to the group will continue over the next six months until we are ready to open for members.

The talking heads currently blame the victims. We blame the bad nutritional science that has been foisted on the people. Ireland is on a collision course for diabesity Armageddon. Someone has to do something about it: 

Note: we apologize to Jason and Mina for such a sudden exposure to the fiery passion of the Irish crew (just like for the drug trials, they perhaps should have been afforded a “run in period”… 🙂

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