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Calcification and CAC with the expert: Professor Matthew J. Budoff, MD, FAAC

Dr. Jeff Gerber and myself finally caught up with Professor Matthew J. Budoff in California. He was a pivotal figure in recognizing the power of the CT Scan of the Heart – and decades ago to boot. He has led extensive cardiac research efforts over the past decades, publishing an enormous number of papers on calcification scanning and many other areas of cardiac research. Here is just one example – an excellent summary of CAC’s power:

He also wrote the atlas of CT technology:

Did you know that 40% of heart attacks occur in the 10% of people with highest CAC Score? Or that ~60% of ‘Framingham Middle Risk’ people are reclassified after a CAC – into LOW or HIGH risk groups? Or that people with a yearly rising CAC score – have 6 to 8 TIMES the heart attack rate compared to those with stable CAC? That’s right – the Calcium Scan is cheap, fast and unparalleled – and it is grossly underutilized. Learn the key points in this interview, in less than 20 minutes:

Second part of interview below – focus on the primary care physician imperative:

The CAC is now recommended in the 2013 European and American Cardiology guidelines. But the majority of doctors have no idea about it. To find out more go to for great information. And watch ‘The Widowmaker Movie’ (2015) with Gillian Anderson and Larry King (best dollar you’ll ever spend!). David Bobbett founded and funded this excellent movie to awaken the people – link below:  

See The Widowmaker Movie here – for free – and “Know Your Score!”


Millions of lives over the past 30 years have been lost due to ignorance of the scan’s power (and no small amount of politics and profiteering). Time to fix the situation.

If you have a high score, or if not – the manual on achieving health and longevity is here:

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