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LDLp LDL-P ApoB LDL Particle Count Explained

The Cholesterol Conundrum Part 2 ! “Putting #LDL Particle Count into Context”

The original Cholesterol Conundrum was delivered way back in 2014. It explained how the lipoprotein transport system worked, to deliver energy (triglycerides) and also manage the crucial cholesterol cargo in the body.

Now Part Two follows up…on why LDL particle counts may present a problem – for some people. But not for others…!

There will be further installments – HDL’s role in the system needs to be expounded. And there is yet more to the story too – the oxidized LDL heresy needs to be balanced with some competing ideas… 😉

Big thanks to cardiologist extraordinaire Nadir Ali and his team at Low Carb Houston – and the inimitable Carl Franklin from Ketodudes who managed the video/audio streams ! And so many others of course… 🙂

Learn and enjoy…hit the image below for some cholesterol conundrum craziness !

Audio / download here – but you really need the Video with slides above methinks:

For the original Cholesterol Conundrum revelations click below:

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