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The #CholesterolScience Debate – Fat Emperor with Dave Feldman #HeartDisease #Health

And here is the footage of the #CholesterolScience debate, with Dr. Joel Kahn having a sporting shot tomorrow (Friday 14th December).

I for my part had a great time riffing with Dave Feldman on a load of health-related stuff: cholesterol of course, the recent 2018 ACC/AHA Treatment Guidelines, the best risk calculators out there, CAC and the power of zero, saturated fat toxicity, ApoE4 concerns, FH dudes dilemmas and much, much more – even the old TMAO/LMAO ruse !

Link to Dave’s post here – with show notes from Siobhan Huggins

Click below to watch or scroll down further to the index provided…and pick yer poison 🙂

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Audio below:


00:51 Ivor’s back story

04:43 Is high LDL an actual “driver” of inflammation?

05:43 LDL particles as “BB guns” slamming into your artery walls?

07:45 Devil’s Advocate: Should we not believe the LDL-as-poison consensus from the world’s “experts”?

09:50 The mega-paper on “LDL is causal and fundamental” consensus – should we accept it?

12:33 Peter Attia tweet questioning value of CAC – can we ignore blood markers if CAC=0 ?

17:54 CAC – “The Power of Zero” – and whether statin drugs are needed or not (brand new study – interesting!)

23:39 What tweaks to #LCHF diet for Familial Hypercholesterolemia (or ApoE4) people

29:00 What is Ivor’s ApoE4 status – and indeed his family’s?

30:36 How soon after a CAC=0 should you think of re-testing?

32:12 Is there any strong evidence that higher LDL will drive ingress into arterial wall – in absence of other problem factors being present?

35:30 Dave picks up on the LOX-1 oxLDL receptor science – and discussion on whether the vascular system is designed to clear oxLDL from circulation

42:10 What about high Lp(a)? Includes discussion on LpPLA2 marker of oxidative stress / atherosclerosis and oxLDL

49:21 Q from Dr. Joel Kahn: Why did Ivor call Ancel Keys “uninformed”?

55:10 Thoughts on taking statins while on a ketogenic diet?

57:00 Lowering high cholesterol without medication – while already on a plant-based diet?

58:36 Discussion on “good” reasons and “bad” reasons for having a high LDLc / LDLp

1:03:10 What do the world’s official Risk Calculator aalgorithms say about the risk associated with high LDL ?? NOTE: The risk calculators featured have been run with ONLY high LDL as a risk (other factors set to “good” levels)

1:05:07 Why do recent treatment guidelines have “automatic statin” when LDL≥190mg/dL, even when risk from calculator gives “Low Risk” ??

1:09:47 Some concerns with using the TC/HDL ratio rather than the Trig/HDL and other metrics

1:11:44 Assuming Sat Fat raises LDLp and LDLp is causal, could other factors make this causality not so relevant?

1:13:42 The importance of the ApoB/ApoA1 RATIO – if in doubt, check it out!

1:15:21 Discussion on high Ferritin (iron levels) in risk for chronic disease

1:17:17 Dave’s personal ferritin learnings

1:21:07 The current propaganda effort to downplay and criticize HDL as a marker – what’s going on?

1:23:50 “HDL is a PIVOTAL part of this whole atherosclerosis problem”

1:27:55 For Lean Mass HyperResponders, if systemic inflammation from non-dietary causes is present – maybe good to lower LDLp anyway?

1:30:20 Can anything be done to improve particle size distribution – if you have “Pattern B” distribution

1:35:10 Should you be concerned with “isolated” low HDL? (if insulin, trigs, CRP and other markers are now good)

1:38:24 The relative lack of focus on ApoA1 and ApoB/ApoA1 markers

1:40:01 Keto critics say that Keto is harmful long term – have they any evidence for this?

1:43:15 One last topic – the dangers of TMAO? Does this idea just make you LMAO? ;-)

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