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Mallorca Cholesterol

Cholesterol, Particle Counts and Heart Disease – Put into Context. #ApoB #LDLp

My second talk at the Low Carb Universe conference (Nov 15th 2018, Mallorca)

– this one demystifies #Cholesterol Particle Counts in Heart Disease

Sure, LDL particles are part of the atherosclerotic process – but you gotta know the context in which they operate!

0:38  Intro to Cholesterol Particles in context – comparative analysis of populations
4:17  LDL particles in Atherosclerosis & Heart Disease
6:01  The Layers 0 to 5 which decide LDL Particle Count importance
8:31  Layer 1 – The Glycocalyx
12:46 Layer 2 – The Endothelium
19:22 Layer 3 – The Intima Proteoglycans
21:36 Layer 4 – The Wonderful HDL Efflux
25:36 Layer 0 (bonus layer) – The Oxidized LDL Axis
29:29 Five Layers to Watch, beyond the mere number of particles

The first lecture at Low Carb Universe can be watched below (Coronary Calcification – and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease #LCHF #CAC #CVD)

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