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Eat Rich Live Long Front Cover

Eat Rich Live Long – Released Today ! #LCHF #Keto #Longevity

Well it’s finally here – family medicine doctor Jeffry Gerber and I now have our book available for all who want to beat chronic disease, aging rather with vigor and vitality. It covers all you need to know about achieving a healthy weight and optimum longevity. Eating rich in terms of nutrient density and ancestral traditions – not the price you pay for the food!  We were delighted that the great Dr. Michael R Eades blessed us with the foreword – a great read in itself 🙂

Patient stories throughout will illustrate the amazing success that real people are having with this strategy, through applying the correct science that underpins health and longevity:



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Part One will cover the basics of where the world went wrong over the past decades, and what should have been emphasized for weight loss and maximal health. This part will be high-level and easily readable by ordinary people (but enjoyed by the geeky ones too!). It will be particularly accessible for friends and family who are not so well-versed in the science. It will introduce CAC as the only truly dependable way to assess your current mortality risk, and will explain the key root causes that drive most people’s disease. The latter are of course easily addressable through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Part Two will deliver the key strategies for weight loss and maximal health. Again easily understandable and laid out in a very logical format. Anyone can be successful – when given the right science-based health strategy. This part will also include meal plans and advice for the first 7 days, followed by more detailed instruction for the next 14 days. It is the “easy way” to become a healthy fat-burner in only three weeks. All this is followed by a recipe section commissioned from a professional low-carb chef. Over 50 delicious low-carb & keto recipes are detailed,  with glorious high definition color photos for every one.

Part Three will delve deeper into the science – from insulin and the implications of excessive carbohydrate though to explaining cholesterol, coronary calcification and heart disease risk. Also covered will be healthy fats and keto regimes. We will of course cover the controversies surrounding protein intake. It wouldn’t be complete without a chapter on cancer-avoidance strategies – so we included one on this important topic. Finally we wrap up with pitfalls and tips for long-term adherence to a strategy which will enable health, slimness and disease-free quality of life far beyond the current population averages.

For completeness, a beefy appendix section will have more detail on all of the above. One really important appendix will reveal the detailed science of omega 6 vegetable oils. We think after reading that you’ll quickly put down the vegetable oil bottle – and rightly retire to a safe distance…!

There’s a lot more in there than listed above, and we also have around 300 references/citations for those who want to dig even deeper. Knock yerself out guys & gals !

Author’s note: We have always provided free material over the past years (talks, interviews, blog posts etc). And we will continue to do so indefinitely. That said, if you appreciate what we are doing for the people, the only thing we’ll ask is that you consider ordering the book. Not only will that support our efforts into the future – you’ll also have all you need to know for you and your family…empowering them to eat rich and live long! A special note of appreciation to David Bobbett and the IHDA, without whom the professional editing and publisher acquisition would not have been feasible.

A teeny sample snippit below – note how fair and balanced we are? 





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