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Cardiologist Bret Scher and Fat Emperor on the Boundless Health Podcast #Insulin #Longevity

Recorded a great chat with Bret a while back on his super podcast – now released but I’m late in posting it. I kept my personal story short, and mostly focused on the interesting stuff ! Link to the fun below:

Also via iTunes:

Fyi – Dr. Jeff Gerber and I’s book for achieving health & longevity:

Eat Rich Live Long

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The Widowmaker Movie

Bret’s summary of our conversation:

“During our conversation, we discuss insulin resistance and insulin tests, the importance of adipose and which food products to eliminate from a diet.

Key Takeaways:

[4:41] How Ivor came to be a proponent of a low carb diet.

[11:25] Why is insulin resistance not being tested properly?

[16:08] What is the mechanism linking cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammation?

[21:30] The Kraft test works, but do you need it?

[27:48] Adipose is an important endocrine organ.

[34:43] Linking LDL to cardiovascular disease.

[43:20] Eat Rich, Live Long focuses overall good health.

[48:02] PUFAs are bad, period.”

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