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Ivor Cummins Fat Emperor on RTE’s main Current Affairs Program – Primetime

Well this was a fun experience. Sadly following a clip that illustrated all kinds of unsusual material, I appeared to be put in the seat to defend it. But how could I – it was about matters far outside my research interests.

So I addressed the major health and nutrition questions in the world today. I followed the Pareto Principle as always. But even then, I was in for a rough ride. But….I enjoyed it !

Thanks to Miriam O’Callaghan for being tough but reasonably fair. And thanks to Prof Mike Gibney – for being….himself !  😉

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many people have come back to me under the impression that Michael Gibney is a medical doctor – interesting as he is not – his field rather is agriculture & nutrition:   A flavor of his belief systems can be seen here – judge for yourself:

Yet you’ll notice at 13min he disregards the expertise of an actual medical doctor with 20 years of clinical experience and research in this field. Not to mention the alignment that Dr. Gerber and I have with a massive worldwide network of progressive doctors, endocrinologists, cardiologists, PhD’s and other specialties. And bizarrely misrepresents the WHO situation – see subtitles at end.

See also Professor Robert Lustig (an Endocrinologist – not a nutritionist) explaining how the calorie theory is rank anti-science:

Here’s the short clip without making you go through the herb-cure stuff – but full link follows below this clip:

In the interests of full disclosure (conflict of interest) – I was called out as having a book on the market. Very important and fair for Miriam to point that out.  What was not called out was prof Gibney’s conflicts of interest – so only fair and proper to reproduce them here:

For full details and all the tricks, pick up a copy of Eat Rich Live Long:

Note: being somewhat ambushed here (that’s ok) –  I never got a chance to cover the power of the CAC scan – simply no opportunity to cover under the mini-barrage. But I will next time – of that you can be sure. “If you don’t measure it, it don’t get fixed!” 

So for the ultimate test to ascertain your current health, see The Widowmaker Movie here – for free – and “Know Your Score!”


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