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A Note of Appreciation for those who have Supported – and a Small Ask

To all who have purchased Eat Rich Live Long, we thank you so much. The reviews so far have been phenomenal – and highly motivational. Any proceeds from the book won’t come close to covering the travel and other costs that Jeff and I incur while getting the message out there – but they offset them for sure.

We will continue to produce videos of talks, interviews and share the latest science – always for free. But we do have one ask of you as follows:

We currently have 18 reviews on and the other Amazon country-specific sites. They are all 5-star, and excellently written – thanks for this! But ideally we need to swamp Amazon with reviews, ideally from “verified purchasers”, of which there are many! If you were not happy with the work, that’s okay – but if you appreciate what we are trying to do – we need a minute of your time to be heard. The message won’t spread without shoulders to the wheel – and we are up against a Leviathan of opposing interests (as you no doubt are well aware).

So if possible, please take a minute to jot down a few lines – every contribution helps in this war against chronic disease…!




Thanks again !

Ivor and Jeff

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