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Gabor Erdosi with Fat Emperor: An Expert Interview on Chronic Disease Avoidance

Gabor Erdosi needs no introduction to many out there. With a molecular and genetic biology background, he has gone deeper than anyone into the mechanisms of hyperinsulinemia and modern chronic disease. He has amassed and analysed thousands of scientific papers in his journey to decode the metabolic pathways – from blood glucose regulation all the way up the causal chain…to the very roots of what is destroying population health.

Here we release the first interview from our recent meeting in Budapest. It purposefully takes a “high-level” view of the issues, without going too deep into the mechanisms. The second interview to be released in a few days will cover the latter in a more hardcore manner (UPDATE 14th Apr – 1st segment of second interview now included below this one!). For the tech-heads, Gabor’s “Lower Insulin” Facebook Group is a great place to find the very latest science in this sphere:

Venue:  Bock Bistro Pest:       Camera/Sound: Eilís Cummins

Supported by Irish Heart Disease Awareness :

And the deep-dive interview – first half:

And the deep-dive interview – second half:

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