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Just passed a million views, so made a 1 minute Teaser Vid (with link to free movie!)

Noticed today that I’ve passed a million views – a bit of a milestone that. The YouTube system has been prompting me to compile a “channel intro video” for a while now, so I finally took the time to do so. Only had time to grab a few tiny clips from all the talks and interviews released, but I think it moves along nicely – let me know what you think 🙂

Note the embedded Widowmaker Movie link at the end – to a free viewing of this important and fascinating docudrama. Are you in the middle-aged and middle-risk majority? Whether you’re fat or slim makes little difference – only the CAC scan will tell the truth about your level of disease.  Big or small, smoker or non-smoker…you gotta Know Your Score! And take action as necessary.

Free viewing of The Widowmaker Movie here – you need to “Know Your Score”, if you want to avoid the big one:



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