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Brazil is calling! Dr. Jose Carlos Souto talks CAC – and how to resolve Heart Disease !

It was fantastic to catch up with Dr. Souto in London recently, at a Brazilian-focused health event:

Jose is a leader in nutritional resolution of modern diseases in his native Brazil, where his blog has attracted over 20 million hits in recent years:

And how smart is Jose? He is VERY smart – he even knows all about the power of the CAC score, to identify the genuinely at-risk – and reassure the healthy high-cholesterol peeps 🙂

Here we talk about that powerful Calcium Scan and CAC score – and importantly also cover the key steps to take…if you have a heart disease concern !

(Note: I will be releasing Dr. Souto’s excellent talk at the London event in the coming week, along with those of the other great speakers there…enjoy. And Jose’s people will be translating the talks into Portuguese for the huge Brazil market…

…as well as translating The Widowmaker Movie subtitles for Brazil also – so that countless more people can be saved 🙂

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