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Dietary Guidelines and Junk Science? Dr. Eric Berg teases out the facts :-)

Had a truly enjoyable chat with Dr. Eric Berg the other day. Eric has a huge following on YouTube – around 1.3 million subscribers – with over 200 million views of his excellent videos. He is growing fast and furious recently. And deservedly so – he is a delightful doctor with a genuine zeal to help the people. It was my first time meeting him – and I think you’ll agree that we resonated strongly!

Here we race through some of the more important aspects of nutrition and health. We cover some snippits of the knowledge contained in our new book “Eat Rich, Live Long”. We talk of the bias inherent in much nutritional research, which has misled us for decades. We emphasize the power of the quick-and-easy Calcium Scan, which blows away the risk factors in telling you your real level of health. And we cover much more besides 🙂

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