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Sam Feltham Low Carb and Public Health Collaboration UK – Podcast #22

In today’s podcast we have the vibrant Sam Feltham from the Public Health Collaboration ( – note that there are still some places available for the PHC conference coming up in London on 11th May ( We discuss Sam’s extreme personal experiments with low carb and low fat, and many kernels of what action is required to recover population health. PHC worldwide expansion is coming in 2019 – watch this space! (scroll down for transcript).

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The FREE DOCUMENTARY referred to in the podcast:

Also mentioned the debate with Dariush Mozaffarian and Gary Taubes:


00:00 Sam’s personal experiments with extremes of carb and fat intake – “giving yourself Metabolic Syndrome in a matter of weeks”

07:18 Randomized Control Trial results for Low Carb versus Low Fat – which overwhelmingly wins?

10:04 NICE guidelines in UK push high carb regime…

11:28 The Public Health Collaboration ( – origins and future

15:01 Dr. David Unwin’s “spoons of sugar equivalent” charts – endorsed now by NICE

17:09 CAC scanning Irish sports stars – shocking results – showing that glucose monitoring is key for those at high risk

19:18 PHC conference in London on the 11th and 12th of May, with Robert Lustig and Tom Watson, deputy leader of the UK Labour Party – don’t miss it!

22:17 PHC is going worldwide this year – whereupon the battle against “fake foods” will heat up

29:51 When will the truth about fake foods, sat fat, LDL and the rest be accepted worldwide?

33:32 PHC Conference 11th and 12th of May in London – mark the date – and details of other events coming up in the UK

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