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Know Your Score in Irish Star Newspaper !

A new Documentary and Feature Movie is on the way – “Extra Time!”

The new documentary and Movie supported by David Bobbett and Irish Heart Disease Awareness is on the way ! 

It is called “Extra Time” and produced by none other than Donal O’Neill, the brains behind Cereal Killers Movie and other great movies

– and this new documentary plus movie speaks to the imperative of the Calcium Scan

– to identify the most at-risk for a future heart attack

 – and intervene to stop it happening.

Two whole squads of Irish sporting heroes were scanned in middle age – guess what we saw???

More details later – but here is a two-page spread in today’s Irish Daily Star – a high-circulation newspaper indeed !

Irish Star Know Your Score CAC 1

Irish Star Know Your Score CAC 2

Irish Star Know Your Score CAC 3

Irish Star Know Your Score CAC 4

See the Widowmaker Movie here – and get informed on the Calcium Scan – it could save your life!



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