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A Rare Break at the Fabulous Wilton Castle in Southeast Ireland… :-)

Just a quick post to thank Sean Windsor for a much-needed break at his family’s stunning castle hotel in Wexford (The Sunny South East of Ireland). Open now again after the corona stuff, and welcoming people from all over the world. You won’t get a better break in superb surroundings, wherever you travel from:

My agricultural consultant buddy Brendan Byrne connected me to Sean. Brendan and myself have been running regular Zoom meetings with a growing number of top farmers, focusing on metabolic health and helping their community tackle the elephant in the room: INSULIN RESISTANCE. The initiative is called SFP – “Soil Food People” – connecting the full spectrum from healthy soils through to a healthy community.

Sean is a big fan of what we’re doing, and I really appreciate the bonus break in this beautiful and serene place – full of history. (p.s. we stayed in The Butler Suite – wow!)




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