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A Semi-Debate on Corona Strategies: Human Impact Vs Economic Impact?

Video below of great discussion I had with Dave Feldman yesterday, on the current challenging situation the world is experiencing.  No-one has a monopoly on the truth, and all the more so in this rapidly changing crisis.

That said it is important to weigh up the data, and have open and balanced debate on what it may or may not be saying – in a non-biased and thoughtful manner.

I got to take the position of “is there a less severe strategy than blanket, global lock-down”, while Dave represented the more aggressive risk-minimal perspective.

Which is closer to correct cannot be known, until time passes and also when we have that crucial antibody test widely applied to the population.

In the mean time as stated….balanced and thoughtful discussion is important.  As it always was – and as it always will be.


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