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Breast Cancer Risk – The More Important Steps to Reduce it? Podcast#13

Cancer is a huge disease threat in the modern era, and causes untold suffering. Breast cancer is a particularly bad affliction affecting so many women. In today’s Podcast Short, I pull up a few scientific studies relating to the matter.
Just as with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and many other chronic diseases of modernity, it is more important to focus on Insulin/Glucose dynamics and other measures of metabolic health – rather than just BMI and Obesity…
The factors discussed here are only some of many that apply in deciding one’s risk for disease – REGARDLESS OF APPARENT RISK LEVEL FROM BLOOD TESTS ETC. – ALWAYS FOLLOW APPROPRIATE SCREENING GUIDELINES FOR ANY SERIOUS DISEASE.
Likewise regardless of blood tests and risk factors, always look to get a CAC scan in middle age to actually check for disease presence.
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