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Can Carnivore Diets be Effective Medicine? Mikhaila Peterson reveals all… Ep8

Dropped in to Amber O’Hearn’s and managed to catch up with none other than Mikhaila Peterson. We of course discussed the extraordinary affect that certain elimination diets can have on a range of profound autoimmune illnesses. Yes we’re talking about the new kid on the nutritional block – the Carnivore Diet.

What struck me most was the logical approach and sheer determination she displayed in decoding the root causes in a highly complex personal situation. This is an incredibly difficult thing to achieve – especially when under the influence of neurological issues related to your condition. In short – amazing stuff.

I trust that you will find the conversation as compelling as I did – there is so much we don’t know – but then there is what works. And “what works” is, of course, crucial – when faced with the most severe challenges in your life!

New TRANSCRIPT at bottom of post – edited and corrected by Paula Nedved – thanks so much Paula !


00:35 Mikhaila’s scary story from the early years

06:18 Suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue, resilience and fighting back

10:11 Autoimmune, skin conditions and diet’s role

16:26 Diet inducing 85% improvement in arthritis and symptoms

22:31 Father Jordan becomes intrigued by transformation, great progress but Soy destroys! Amazing “lag times” before the food factor hits

29:32 Trajectory to the ultimate-elimination Carnivore diet – “needs must”.

39:12 The art of problem-solving applied.

41:54 It ain’t the exercise peeps. Mood-enhancement and happiness through diet.

46:58 C.Difficile and microbiome transplants

49:22 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

52:39 Power of elimination, dairy issues, ApoE4 notes – conclusion “we’re doing good – crazy good in the end”

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