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Conspiracy Theory – or Not? How to Know for SURE!

Hey guys, have you been frustrated when the “conspiracy theorist!” slur is screeched? The slur that shuts down rational debate? It’s an increasing problem for sure, as it stifles debate and debases the public dialogue. Well, I spent considerable time developing an engineering-level logical tool in order to finally resolve the issue. I believe that it will REALLY help anyone to sort the ‘conspiracy theory’ chaff from the ‘actual collusion’ wheat. Please do comment below with suggestions on honing the tool, for even more accuracy in debunking the nonsense theories – but more importantly highlighting the real thing! The tool template is here for download (just click twice to accept WeTransfer – all good):

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Resources discussed in this tutorial:

Swine Flu Debacle article 2010:

Excellent Historical Analysis of Rockefeller Foundation, Kissinger, Pandemic and Climate Strategies – all the way to the WEF and Covid19

LOCKSTEP Planning Document:

PanData WHO Review:

Excellent 20 minute on the Globalization ‘conspiracy’ problem:

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