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Open Magazine India CAC article

Coronary Artery Calcification around the world – major #Indian magazine Article just released! #CAC

We are getting out to the world with the crucial message of Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC), to save lives in the middle-risk majority. Open is a high-circulation publication distributed across India, in the same mold as Time or Newsweek. It is headquartered in Delhi and the author of this comprehensive article (Madhavankutty Pillai) heads up the Mumbai bureau.

Just a quick clarification on one element in the article – the Indian study that showed less compelling results was carried out on 306 symptomatic people, whereas CAC is really for asymptomatic people.  In short, by sub-selecting people with chest pain, the value of CAC will be greatly diluted. But when studying asymptomatic people, CAC power is always stunning!

Madhavankutty kindly contacted me a few weeks back to get the full rundown on CAC, in order to make his article as useful as possible. I think he did a great job, see below:

The most important medical test you never knew


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