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Coronary Calcification – The Test That Saves Lives #CAC #CardiovascularPrevention

Lots of emails and messages coming in all the time on people’s experience with CAC scanning; overwhelmingly positive and with people taking high scores on the chin – and more importantly, taking action. Here’s a nice one just in, and the lady gave me permission to share it (I’m choosing to withhold the names regardless):

“I listened to a few of your interviews and some of your podcasts, had bought your book, and loved it all. I went ahead and scheduled both my husband and me for the Calcium heart scan. 

Mine came back zero, wonderful. Unfortunately, my husband’s was nearly 2,500. Through more testing, we discovered he was 95 85, 90, 55 % blockage! The widowmaker was the 95% blocked – chances of fatal heart attack within 3 months was 50%. 

He had a quadruple bypass. Surgery went well, docs are extremely happy with his recovery. With the heart scan advice from David Bobbett and yourself, his life was saved at age 63. We are so grateful. He had no signs or symptoms, just high blood pressure controlled with meds. 

My 4 children and 4 grandkids thank you also.

Now THIS is what it’s all about, and always was: “Everybody counts, or nobody counts.”

Go to for the details and scan centers, and please share so that others may have the same opportunity to act

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